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Mist Cooling System

There is nothing quite like the feeling of being able to enjoy your outdoor space even during the hottest times of the year. With all of the mist cooling system options that we have available at Cool-Off™, you can truly turn your backyard, patio, garden, greenhouse, or porch into an outdoor oasis to enjoy with family and friends. It is all about picking out the perfect mister to fit in with the desired space, your budget, and your needs. 

How Does a Misting System Work? 

With any outdoor misting system, they work by pressurizing the water. This water is then forced out through a small nozzle or opening. The opening is specially designed to put out fine droplets of water. As this mist begins to evaporate, you have the ability to enjoy roughly 30 degrees of cooling power. When properly installed or placed, a mist cooling system has the ability to create a wonderful curtain of mist that enhances the surroundings while bringing the ambient temperature down. Whether you have it placed on your patio, in your gazebo, by your pool house, or in a greenhouse, you can enjoy the ultimate cooling zone with your friends and family.

Know Your Options 

When you shop with us at Cool-Off™, you will find a wide range of high-pressure systems and misting accessories. These options allow you to pick out the perfect products to give you the misting effect that you would like. We have misters available that are suitable for residential applications as well as those that could easily be used in a variety of commercial spaces. When used in conjuction with fans or portable misting towers, you have the ability to transform just about any outdoor area to one that is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. 

The Benefits of Misting Systems 

When you start to learn about a mist cooling system and what it does, you will see that evaporative cooling is both water and energy-efficient. Instead of going on the misconception that you are shooting water into the air and wasting it, you need to know that you are actually using a fairly low ratio of water for the results that you get. To do some math, you would have to use up about 25 gallons of water before you even use up just one kW of electricity when you are utilizing natural gas. To make it even better, you are going to have the added bonus of cooling your exterior by about 30 degrees. This is even more efficient cooling than outdoor fan systems! 

Do you want to be able to save some money on everything that you need to make it possible to stay cool while staying home? If so, then you will find all of the products that you need when you shop with our team at Cool-Off™. We are not only known for our shade and cabana systems, but we also have some of the best mist cooling system products available on the market today. We would love to talk with you about your needs and space where you are planning on putting your misting system so that you can design the perfect layout.